by teenender

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t e e n e n d e r is..

kevin - drums
cooper - bass
brian - guitar, vocals, programming
chris - guitar, keys

all tracks written and produced by teenender


released June 30, 2017

recorded by Robert Cheeseman, Chaimes Parker and brian mckenna.
mastered by Nick Z @ New Alliance East
album art by Jordan Sousa



all rights reserved


teenender Boston, Massachusetts

t e e n e n d e r a boston underground pop band.


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Track Name: not a dream
still high when i'm waking up
feel an angel's hand on my shoulder
last night i was somewhere else
tried to find myself just to show her
i got to try harder
i got to feel all my senses
i got to love stronger
and I'll be there

oh yeah
under my sheets
cover your head but not your feet
oh yeah
i feel the heat
right next to me
it's not a dream

pull the shades and the light gets stronger
i feel the love, i got to give it up
i almost fell to my knees
and i believe, i believe
still feel that hunger
came in with purest intentions yeah
i got to love harder
and i'll be there

oh yeah under my sheets
oh yeah i can't believe
oh yeah i feel the heat
right next to me
it's not a dream
Track Name: kissed

you got to know
my lips aren't scared
you got to know
I swear
and every day your
Lips get closer
slow motion, pause and rewind
the film is mine
O oh

kissed in the morning
kissed in the evening
kissed on the floor
and one kiss when she gets up
kissed in the light
then once in the dark
and kisses goodnight
but that's not when the kissing stops

you got to know
the coast is clear
you got to know
I swear
and every moment
we're alone it's
breakfast, lunch and dinner time

my appetite
O oh

so fine
all mine
Track Name: speak for yourself
Speak for Yourself

Around the world
Boys and girls
Watch and learn

When you've got to make yourself be heard,
But without saying a single word
There's no return

Feelin good
Feelin good alright
I'm feelin good
"You better speak for yourself"
She said on the phone
"Cause I'm not there yet"

Feelin good
Feelin good alright
I'm feelin good
"You better speak for yourself"
She said, when I'm drunk
"Cause I'm not there yet"

Don't talk it out
You got to put a smile on yourself
Your cool as hell

And after all the waves of love
Come crashing over
You're not alone in this world
And you'll indulge to say the least
But you don't deserve it

I won't tell no one that I'm sold
Until I know it's true, true
On my headstone I'll be solo
Unless I know it's true, true
Track Name: taste

I'm cutting in
I'll squeeze it like a lemon
And mix it with
All the stuff she took for granted

Everyone knows
That if you put some
Liquor in it
She could still, probably, dance

Sent me out on an errand
Just to get some fresh air in
She read the post, did her toes
Sat and waited for me
To get home with the sugar

And you could ask me about it
I try to just say it's habit
Sweet enough with a punch
Just so I reach for it
After dark make it stronger

I really think I had enough to drink
Don't offer me a taste
of something I can't stand
Just me tell stories that don't really
Mean a thing to me
And prop me up cause I can't stand

Got a taste of attention
More than I'd like to mention
Lights are off in the dark
Pull the covers over
Sleep it off til tomorrow

And we'll make up our own ending
Even if we're pretending
Drink it up taste the love
Talk it up, "this is awesome"
Havin fun til your head hurts

I'm cutting in
if I can really stand it
I'll mix it with all the stuff
she took for granted